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David of Oklahoma City, OK Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 9, 2023

AIG/Travel Guard are completely worthless and a waste of money. I spent over $400.00 on insurance in case of delays and lost baggage on a golf trip to Scotland. It took me over four months to get e letter for BA concerning my canceled flight from the so I could even submit my claim. I never got a copy of my policy but after submitting two cab rides, two hotel rooms, and a couple of meals, they said my maximum claim was only $100.00 a day per person. So $400.00 for the insurance and $770 pound in expenses and I got $200.00.

I should have reviewed Travel Guard because they have hundreds of one star reports on BBB for this exact situation. They claims person even had the nerve to call me back and say he spoke with his supervisors and they shouldn’t have even paid the $200.00. These guys are dishonest and a racket that should not be promoted by any travel company. Someone needs to sue AIG for a lot of money!!!

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (3)

Warren of Reno, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 9, 2023

I bought travel insurance through the Airline (Spirit), and it was with Travel Guard. Got sick, Airline rules say I couldn't fly. Filed a claim with supporting paperwork. Went to check on my claim and of course, their system says they cannot find my name of claim number. This is what insurance Companies do - you file a claim and then they pretend they cannot find you in the system, so it never gets paid. You are just throwing your money away with travel insurance, you won't get paid.

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (4)

Lynnette of Brainerd, MN Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 4, 2023

I booked two Suncountry airline tickets for my grand daughter and I. Prior to our trip my mom fell ill and needed 24/7 care. I needed to cancel to take care of my mom. My mom’s doctor wrote a letter of her needing this care and that I was a necessary care provider. I submitted the doctors letter along with itinerary and payment. Suncountry gave me a voucher for partial of the ticket cost. I submitted the rest to Travel Guard. During the time of what would have been my travel my mom was put on hospice. I received a request from Travel Guard for more information. After my mom passed away I sent them the original doctors letter, the credit card info, etc along with the obituary. They sent their condolences and then later sent attachments for the doctors form to fill out and the hippa form. I’m not going to waste the doctors time on looking up dates etc, and who is suppose to sign the release of information form? What?

Interesting for this same time period, but separately I had booked a carnival cruise for my granddaughter and I. I went with Their protection plan with Aon Affinity Travel Practice. When I canceled the cruise the cruise reimbursed me what they could and the Aon Affinity reimbursed everything else. They did this just based on the doctors letter that I needed to care for my mom. They sent me the checks before my mom passed away.

Lessened learn I will take the insurance policy with Aon Affinity any day. But never will I take the insurance out again with Travel Guard. I am taking time to write this review to tell other to beware of Travel Guard. I wrote to Travel Guard and told them if they would have said their policy does not cover this then they should just say so. If their policy does cover this then they are certainly going to make it tough to get. Frankly it’s not worth my time. I will never regret staying with my mom. Getting the money back is the least of my concerns. I want to warn others. Suncountry is a good airline I hope they see this review as well. They might want to look closer at the agency they have linked on their site.


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Madan of Boston, MA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 3, 2023

During my over two decades of active travels, I have never come across such a hopeless organization that does not see what customer has submitted for claim, does not see what email customer has sent even though their automatic system is quickly acknowledging and confirming receipt of email. It is over 10 weeks with at least 5 email and 3 phone contacts to them, but of no avail.

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (6)

zoe of Barrie, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 3, 2023

Please don't buy this product, they will firstly drag their feet for months, the customer service is horrendous and they will tell you, "Oh we are busy right now, we will call you back." NOTHING. My claim was denied with some clause that no one would understand, don't bother with this company, such a scam - the government should make companies like this illegal.

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Iris of Niles, MI Verified Reviewer

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Original review: March 1, 2023

Very expensive tour was canceled due to civil unrest in destination country. Tour company was refunded my total costs but insurance isn't eligible for refund. I was offered a "voucher" for future travel for $138 less than what I paid. What value was received for that money? Trip insurance without a trip seems like stolen money.

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (8)

Judy of Tucson, AZ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 22, 2023

We purchase the AIG Travel Guard insurance to cover domestic flight insurance for a 12/23/22 to 1/2/23 vacation. American Airlines delayed our flight 3 times and eventually cancelled our flight. We contact AIG for help while in the Phoenix, AZ airport. They provided no help saying it "was Christmas." So we worked on making other flight provisions on our own. We eventually flew with United Airlines, arriving in Florida a day late, but still in time to board our family Caribbean Christmas Cruise.

After returning home from the vacation, since 1/3/23, we have been unsuccessfully trying to have AIG send us the Delay of Flight claim form in order to begin the claim process. I have called and requested the form 6 times (each time they said we'd receive it in 7 to 10 days). It never came. I have unsuccessfully asked to speak with a supervisor 3 times. They did not connect me nor return my request for a phone call. This has been a long unsuccessful process and we haven't even been able to file a claim as of this date!!! We'd advise ----- use a different travel insurance company ----- the service for this company is terrible.

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (9)

gary of Dallas, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 4, 2023

I have been waiting about six months for reimbursement from this company for a flight cancellation I had to make due to having spine surgery. Their tactic is delay, delay, delay and hope we go away. I am filing a class action suit against AIG and Travel Guard. If you have been mistreated by this company please contact me and you can join the class action. We don't pay anything. The attorneys do the work. We need to punish these people. Contact me at through Facebook messenger. Gary ** Dallas

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (10)

Arthur of Prescott, AZ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 2, 2023

My wife passed away Aug 20, 2022, a few days before leaving on a trip. I filed a claim with Travelguard and provided the necessary documentation. I was advised a check would be mailed 15-21 days after the claim was reviewed. An assessor wasn't assigned to the claim for three months. I suppose they were waiting for me to go away or die. He required me to send the same documents I'd already sent. I eventually did receive the amount I was entitled to but dragging it out that long makes AIG's integrity questionable. I can't speak for the quality of travel insurance from other providers but I can't imagine the experience could be worse.

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Top 579 Travel Guard Reviews (12)

Rod of Hyattsville, MD Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 24, 2023

I purchased protection for a flight and had an severe illness just beforehand. A family member had also tested positive for Covid-19 so I had to cancel beforehand. They considered me as “not having an illness” (their words) because I wasn’t hospitalized, and refused to reimburse me for my flight. I’ll never use this again, and would recommend others don’t as well.


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