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We here explain the individual water sports activities in Tenerife. In this way you can determine which one is suitable for you and thereby avoid unpleasant surprises.


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The JetSki – General Information

The name “JetSki” has become so popular that these watercrafts are commonly called so nowadays. But in fact, this is a brand or a model from the Kawasaki company, pioneers in marketing these vehicles. Significant progress was made in the construction of this vehicle in the 1980s and 1990s. For example, it was made possible for the driver to sit down instead of having to stand while driving. In addition, space was created for passenger, which increased driving comfort and stability. There are now various models, each offering different driving experiences. These fast machines move thanks to an internal propeller and a small but very powerful motor. These two generate an extremely strong stream of water that pushes the jet ski properly. Interestingly, you cannot brake, you have to take your foot off the accelerator to stop. However, there is a “quick stop” option, which means that the vehicle will stop as soon as the driver falls down.

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The Requirements for a Jet Ski Tour in Tenerife

The best thing about riding a Jet Ski in Tenerife is that it doesn’t require any prior knowledge. The guides will give you all the necessary instructions to have fun on this adventure. You will certainly have to get used to the handling at first, but you will drive without any difficulties in no time. Each operator on the island has his own rules and basic requirements. In most cases, you must be over 16 years of age to drive yourself (with parental permission) and the passenger cannot be younger than 5 years. This sport is not recommended for people with back or knee problems due to the jerky movements caused by the waves. Logically and you have to be able to swim despite wearing a life jacket and it is absolutely forbidden to do this activity under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.

Can you rent a Jet Ski in Tenerife?

If you want to rent a jet ski to explore the coast on your own, the biggest handicap is that you have to have a sport boat driver’s license. In addition, you must know the applicable maritime traffic regulations and of course follow them. The Spanish Coast Guard is on constant patrol and ensures that regulations are followed. It’s very strict and the fines are quite high. If you do not have a boating license, but do not want to be dependent on a group or a guide, it is best you do a few laps within the marked courses of the water sports centres.

Parasailing – General Information

This wonderful activity was invented by the French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne in the 1960s. Back then it was intended for the military, so that astronauts could practice parachute jumps without having to get on an airplane. Initially, cars were used for pulling and it was flown on the road. In this variant, however, a fall caused a too hard impact. The perfect runway was finally found by testing the boat, parachute and water combination. This variant, parasailing, can nowadays be done as a great water sport practically on every coast, without prior knowledge and at very affordable prices.

How Parasailing works

The boat used for parasailing has been fully adapted to the requirements of the activity. There is a marked landing platform on its back where you will be placed for take-off and landing. You are well secured thanks to a belt, which extends from the legs to the waist and is attached to the parachute and ropes of up to 200 meters in length. The captain of the boat is responsible for your safety. He initiates the ascent of your parachute by increasing the speed of travel. He also makes sure that your ropes do not get tangled and that the other boats do not obstruct the boats journey. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful view from over 100 m high.

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The Requirements for Parasailing in Tenerife

This undertaking does not require any prior knowledge or experience. The few rules of conduct that you need to know are explained to you before you start. It is of course a basic requirement that you are not afraid of heights and that the weather cooperates. Especially if the wind conditions are not suitable, the flight may be cancelled for safety reasons. Up to 3 people can fly at once, however the specifications regarding the total weight of all participants must be considered. The operator also determines the minimum age required. Please note the requirements for the participants under the “Important Note!” section on the website.

Flyboard – General Information

The flyboard really looks like a device from a science fiction or comic movie. Two extremely powerful jets of water shoot from nozzles under the soles of your feet and lift you into the air. A hilarious device, of relatively new development from 2011. It is operated by a jet ski, this generates the said water jet which is passed on to the fly board via a hose. A guide the water intensity, but everything else is up to you: body tension, balance and courage.

The requirements for Flyboarding in Tenerife

As with most of the water sports we offer in Tenerife, flyboarding does not require any prior knowledge. The team will show you everything you need to know before you take off. It is very important that you follow these instructions so that you do not injure yourself and fully enjoy the experience. At first you will be a little insecure and you will not be able to take off immediately. However, after just a few tries, you will already manage to stay afloat. Once you’re in control, you probably won’t be able to resist diving upside down or trying a pirouette. Each operator has its own age requirements, these are between 12 and 14 years.

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How Banana boat Tours work

The very shape suggests that this boat is really funny. It’s a huge inflatable banana! A jet ski pulls this and its occupants at great speed and keeps making abrupt changes of direction. The aim of the passengers is not to fall off during this fast-paced ride, but that is practically impossible. After the first lap, half will have already fallen into the water and the other half will sooner or later fall in also. It’s hugely popular because the ride is so much fun. From the beach you can see the banana boat crashing from side to side in the distance and hear the excited screeching of the passengers.

How Tours on the Crazy Jet Boat work

The name says it all, this boat is simply insane. An absolutely unique and adrenaline-pumping tour. You have no idea what this spectacular machine can do, but the seat belts give you a clue. High speed, pirouettes, jumps over the waves, 360-degree spins and although it seems impossible, the boat can submerge completely underwater. A cocktail of crazy emotions that you will enjoy perfectly safe.

What are Water sports combination packages?

The range of water sports and the enjoyment associated with them are so great that you simply won’t be able to choose just one. The adrenaline rush, the incredible experience, the fun and the action are simply addictive. Therefore, different water activities have been combined. With these combination packages, you even get a great discount.

Where to find water sports centres in Tenerife

Most of the water sports centres are clearly located in the south and west of Tenerife. In the municipalities of San Miguel or Arona, you can go on a jet ski or kayak safari and discover the hidden caves of the coast in the cities Las Galletas and Los Cristianos. Here you can also take off with the flyboard or rent a SUP. Moreover, you can take advantage of this and other water-sports offers along the Costa Adeje and further west in Los Gigantes. And even in the north, in Puerto de la Cruz, you can go parasailing, among other activities.

What you should absolutely consider

Life jackets are always mandatory for water sports activities and are provided free of charge by the operator. However, it is essential that you can swim in order to participate. It is not permitted to bring items such as sunglasses, cell phones or water cameras. Not only for your own safety, but also to protect the environment. The aim is to avoid these objects fall into the water during the tour and pollute the sea. For this reason, it also makes sense to avoid accessories such as bracelets, earrings, watches or pendants. There are lockers where you can store all of these items in if you want. We ask people with heart and lung problems and during pregnancy to refrain from these types of activities, as they can endanger their health. You can find this information on our website under the “Important Note!”. Information on the costs of the activities can be found under “Services and Prices”.

What you must definitely take with you

Sun protection: It is very important that you apply the cream before you go out and then repeat up several times a day. The sun protection factor should be as high as possible and waterproof. The sun in the Canary Islands is quite strong even on cloudy days, and especially when you are by the sea.
Swimsuit and a change of clothes: Wear a bikini or bathing suit and bring clothes to change. No matter which water sport activity you choose, you will definitely get soaking wet.
Bath towels: Take a bath sheet with you to dry yourself off and then lie on the beach for some time.

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