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Our Montreal Self-Storage Facilities: Key Features

A big-time city needs big-time storage. When you’re looking for a Montreal residential or business storage solution near you, whether it’s for short-term or long-term, we’ve got you covered. If you live or work in the city and you want a reliable storage solution for your household, vehicle, or business, Public Storage Montreal is here to meet all your storage needs. Our facilities come equipped with key amenities and provide you with professional self-storage expertise on site, affordable payment plans, and essential security features.

Convenience is the key to a top-notch storage experience. With all locations readily accessible from major autoroutes, such as A-40, A-20, or A-15, we’re in close proximity to wherever you happen to be. When we’re that easy to get to, you’ll be able to visit your Montreal storage unit as often as you want year-round, every day, for no extra charge, no exceptions!

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Check out some of our key features:

  • Heated storage solutions to help protect your belongings from seasonal elements
  • Drive-up access and ground-level units for ease and convenience
  • Outdoor parking available for vehicle storage
  • Heavy-duty loading dock allows you to transfer items effortlessly from your truck or tractor-trailer
  • Packing and moving supplies offering a full range of products for an efficient move
  • Daily access to storage year-round, including holidays and after-hours
  • Month-to-month contracts with various payment options for maximum flexibility

Self-Storage Cost in Montreal

The cost of storage solutions is based on square footage, location and features. For example, a larger storage unit will cost more than a smaller unit and a unit situated on the outskirts of town is likely to cost less than in the downtown core. Special features like climate control and drive-up access also affect self-storage unit costs.

Our Public Storage units come in a variety of sizes to meet all of your storage needs. With regular monthly rates starting at $62for small units, $129for medium units, and $392for large units, depending on where you rent in the city, there is an assortment of price points to suit your self-storage budget. Visit one of our Montreal facilities to discover a storage solution that’s just right for you!

Which Storage Unit Size Do You Need?

The size of your storage unit depends on what you are storing and how much you have:

  • 5’x5’ (25 sq feet) is about the size of a closet. Choose this storage size if you need to store small items like boxes, a small mattress, children’s toys, books or other small items.
  • 5’x10’ (50 sq feet) is ideal for storing the contents of a small one-bedroom or studio apartment such as a sofa, mattress set, end tables and several boxes.
  • 10’x’10’ (100 sq feet) gives you enough storage space for a one- or two-bedroom apartment, including many boxes, a large mattress, appliances, a dining room set and living room furniture.
  • 10’x’15’ (150 sq feet) provides space for the furnishings from a two- or three-bedroom apartment, including many boxes, mattress sets, living room furniture, dining set, patio furniture, many boxes or a vehicle or small boat.
  • 10’x20’ (200 sq feet) is ideal for storing the contents of a three- or four-bedroom apartment or house, including many boxes, bedroom furniture sets, appliances, home office, living room and dining room, or a car or small boat.
  • 10’x25’ (250 sq feet) gives you enough storage space for the contents of a three or four-bedroom house with a family room or furnished basement, including bedroom furniture sets, living room and dining room, appliances, many boxes and/or a car or small boat.
  • 10’x30’ (300 sq feet) is our largest storage unit size and offers you enough space for the contents of a four or five-bedroom house, including many boxes, multiple furniture sets, patio furniture, family room or furnished basement, all major home appliances, and a vehicle or small boat.

Not sure exactly how much storage you need? Use our handy storage calculator to figure out which unit size is best for you. Learn more about our unit sizes in the self-storage unit size guide.

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Do You Need a Heated Facility?

Not sure whether you need heated units or climate-control for your stored items in Montreal? Just answer these simple questions to find out:

Do you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures?

Winters in Montreal can be extremely cold – certainly cold enough to potentially cause damage to temperature-sensitive belongings. That’s why Public Storage Montreal protects your precious goods with heated units specially designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters.

Are your belongings susceptible to cold temperatures?

If you are storing important goods like records, vintage items, artwork, electronics or more, you’ll want to protect your belongings from the elements – and that includes cold Montreal winter temperatures. Take a look at this list of sensitive items:

  • Antiques or vintage items, especially wood furniture
  • Artwork and collectibles
  • Furniture and goods made of leather, metal, wood, fabric, or upholstery
  • Electronics and media (such as flat screen TVs, laptops and computers, CDs and DVDs)
  • Photographs
  • Musical instruments
  • Vinyl records

How long will you be storing your items?

If you will be storing your items between the months of November to April or for more than a year, your belongings will be exposed to seasonal winter cold. In this case, we recommend a heated storage solution to protect your belongings from freezing temperatures.

Four of our Montreal storage facilities offer heated storage units to protect your cold-sensitive items. Learn more about our heated storage options by visiting our temperature-controlled storage page.

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Student Storage in Montreal

With McGill University, Concordia University, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and several CEGEPs all situated in the city, Montreal is home to well over 100,000 post-secondary students in any given year.

But when summer rolls around and class is out, students need somewhere to store their belongings – that’s where we can help. Public Storage provides the perfect student storage options to keep your belongings both safe and readily accessible over the summer months – like our popular 5’ x 5’ unit, perfect for storing the contents of a dorm room, including boxes, small appliances, electronics, and a twin mattress.

Learn more about how to safely store your academic belongings with our student dorm room storage guide.

Vehicle Storage Solutions in Montreal

When you’re looking to store your vehicle, we have the perfect Montreal car storage solution for you.

With our complete size range of drive-up access units, along with outdoor parking at four of our locations, Public Storage Montreal can secure your full-size vehicle, as well as smaller seasonal vehicles like trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or ATVs until you’re ready to hit the road again next summer. Reserve your spot today!

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Special Self-Storage Promotions in Montreal

Whether you’re storing your items for a month or many years, you deserve the best value for your self-storage solution. At Public Storage, we help you stretch your dollar over both the short and long-term with special promotions and prepay discounts that enable you get the most value from your storage solution.

Take a look at our amazing promotions, like paying just $1 for your first month’s rent, getting 50% off on your first 3 months, or one free month when you prepay for one year. Simply check out our current promotions for all the great deals happening right now.

Self Storage Safety

No matter how long you plan to store, your items deserve the utmost protection. Public Storage Montreal is fully equipped with modern security features like 24-hour surveillance, alarmed units, and gated access. You can rest easy, knowing that your valuable possessions are safe and in good hands around the clock.

  • 24/hour electronic surveillance gives you peace of mind
  • Use your exclusive PIN code to access the security gate
  • Your storage unit alarm is active at all times when you are not accessing the unit

Get the perfect storage solution that you can rely on at our Montreal locations. Call toll-free or reserve online to get started! Still have questions about storage? Check out our handy FAQ page for more info!


How much does storage cost in Canada? ›

How Much Does An Average Self Storage Unit Cost in Canada? Across Canada, the average storage unit cost is around $1.75 per square foot. Of course, Canada is a large country with a lot of space, and it would make sense that storage units would be less expensive to maintain in areas with lower density.

Can you negotiate the price of a storage unit? ›

Try as you might, haggling doesn't really work in retail stores— prices are fixed and the employee taking payment typically has no control over those prices. The primary negotiating experience we deal with is buying a car or a house. But in some cases, you can also haggle a price of a self-storage unit.

How many locations does public storage have in Canada? ›

About us. Public Storage Canada owns and operates 65 Public Storage branded self-storage facilities across Canada.

How much is a storage locker per month Vancouver? ›

Self-Storage Cost in Vancouver

With regular monthly rates starting at $154 for small units, $259 for medium units, and $589 for large units, there is an assortment of price points to suit your self-storage budget. Visit one of our Vancouver facilities to discover a storage solution that's just right for you!

How much does the smallest storage unit cost? ›

The average cost of a small storage unit is approximately $70. Small storage units range from about 25–50 square feet and can hold things like business supplies, sports equipment, and small amounts of other items from your home.

Who is the largest self storage company? ›

1. Public Storage. Long the leader in self storage, Public Storage once again earns its place at the top of our list. With 186 million net rentable square feet under its belt at the end of September 2021, the company's distinctive orange signs can be seen in 39 states.

What is the most popular storage unit size? ›

Most Popular Average Sized Storage Unit

The most popular size storage unit is the 10×10 storage unit. This self-storage unit is roughly the size of a single bedroom or guest room. With 100 square feet of personal storage space, you can fit the contents of two bedrooms in this size storage unit.

What fits in a 5 by 5 storage unit? ›

What can you fit in a 5x5 storage unit? The contents of a large closet or a small room can fit within a 5x5 self storage unit. Think chairs, small desks, small bookcases, suitcases and lamps. 5x5 storage units are also a great option for seasonal storage of holiday decorations, sports equipment and clothing.

Why are storages so expensive? ›

Many storage facilities charge extra for things like climate control and security. Some have mandatory insurance you must purchase through them. Then there is the sales tax. These costs can quickly add up.

Who is Public Storage owned by? ›

As a REIT, it is owned by real estate investors, who receive more than 90 percent of the company's profits as a return-on-investment.

Who is the CEO of Public Storage? ›

Who bought Public Storage? ›

GLENDALE, Calif. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Public Storage (NYSE:PSA) (“Public Storage” or the “Company”) today provided certain updates as to the impact on Public Storage of the agreed acquisition by affiliates of Blackstone Real Estate (“Blackstone”) of PS Business Parks, Inc.

How much do storage units cost Vancouver? ›

Monthly rates start at $125.00 for small units, $255.00 for medium units and $559.00 for large units. Depending on where you need storage in Vancouver, there are several price points to meet your budget. Compare prices at 21 Vancouver storage facilities and lock in the lowest price today.

How much does it cost to store a car in Vancouver? ›

On average a Neighbor car storage unit in Vancouver costs $138 per month.

Does UBC have storage units? ›

North American research libraries have used high-density storage facilities for many years to address these needs. UBC Library is fortunate to have two such facilities: ASRS and PARC.

How is warehouse storage cost calculator? ›

The basic warehouse cost formula is the rental rate per square foot times the square footage you need. On top of this, you add utilities and operating costs. Special requirements such as refrigeration add to your expenses.

How much does a storage unit cost in London Ontario? ›

The average price of self storage in London is $199 per month. The average price for a 5x10 unit right now is $139 and the average price for a 10x10 unit currently is $210.

How much is a pod? ›

How much does PODS cost for a local move?
7-foot container12-foot container
1st Month Rental Fee$164.99$189.99
Additional Months Rental Fee$164.99/mth$164.99/mth
Move Container To A New Location$89.99$89.99
Final Pickup$99.99$99.99
3 more rows
31 May 2022


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