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Brian Martinho

I heard the person working quote a customer for an item (just for the item, no trade-ins), and then when I went to purchase the item the price was higher than the other customer was quoted. Be careful if you are not that familiar with baseball equipment, because you might get taken advantage of. When my wife got home with the equipment and told me what she paid for it I was livid. I called the store and spoke to "the owner" and was informed that returns were store credit only, even if 2 hours after my wife purchased the items. I highly recommenced that you avoid this place of business, or at the very minimum know what a fair price for the item that you are purchasing is. If you rely on the store employees for information you will you taken advantage of. I will never shop here again and I will do my best to spread the word.


Daniel St.Pierre

Today was my second visit to the 2nd Time Sports store where I bought a pair of Reebok ice skates that turned out to be the best skates I ever used. Ive been playing hockey for over 40 years and, after a 12 year break, last Saturday night I had a horrible experience with a pair of new skates I got for my birthday. The problem? They were cheap and oversize. Dave at 2nd Time Sports knew I was in trouble when he saw the CCM skates made in China, and advised on a better pair. I felt I could handle the cheap skates - I was wrong! So today, I bought a pair of decent skates from 2nd Time Sports, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I CAN SKATE AFTER ALL!!! All I can say is thanks Dave and Joe! You guys REALLY know your stuff, and these skates renewed my love of hockey BIG TIME!!!


Jennifer Caldwell

Supporting local small businesses is always good and I will always choose "shop small" over big box stores. So more than likely I will try this store again another time. 2nd Time Sports is very nice aesthetically and seems to have a lot of choices. But be forewarned, do not go in close to closing time. I pulled up at 6:48pm noting that they close at 7 and I could not have been more unwelcome. It was a young man working and I certainly understand when its quitting time, its time to go. But what I needed wasnt going to take longer than five minutes if he had bothered to assist me rather than pace by the door.


Bill Schlies

On 4/11/13 we brought 2 golf bags, clubs, 2 softball bats and bag in to the store. The sales person told us they were not able to sell them ... too old. He gave us a donationslip for the item.4/30/13 I was just in the store and the golf bag and two bats and some clubs were on sale in the store. They were supposed to be donated to Chi Chi Rodrigquezbenefit! This is bad business to not give a customer money but a donation slip andthen turn around and sell them in the store.


Christopher Egan

Bought a wakeboard for Christmas gift, got it home only to find that the bindings had been cosmetically fixed and were in fact broken upon setting a foot into it. Never got the board in the water.Took the board back and the salesmen was rude and offered no trade in credit or reimbursement. I understand 2nd hand goods carry a certain risk factor but this place is selling broken goods and passing them off in good shape.


Amber Rogers

This is a great place to get your sporting gear! The customer service is great and they really care to help you find what you need. The store is clean and organized and has a great selection and prices. I love taking my boys here for gear! Joe the owner is always very helpful and knowledgeable. This is our go to place for sporting gear.


Chris Pfeiffer

This is an absolute necessity for anyone with kids in sports. The owner is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He could easily have written us off as small-potatoes being as we only needed a little bit of baseball equipment, but he (and his staff) took time to assist us as if we were making a ten thousand dollar golf purchase.


Jason Wydro

Had a great experience here. Purchased a used goalie stick bag for a great price. And had an old Jim Craig stick evaluated and some great info provided about the condition and age. I recommend buying stuff from these guys. Very helpful and knowledgeable about hockey history and equipment. Will certainly visit again when in town.


Christine Johonnesson

I have to say that this place is great! Great selection at great prices! Most recent purchase: the perfect kids tennis racket for my son. I saved a lot of money. And to top it off, the owners are a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly, helpful and make the buying experience a lot of fun. Thanks guys! I will be back for more!


Gun Bids

I got a treadmill at a fair price and it works like new.I got my kids hockey skates and gear way cheaper than if I went new. Argh, hockey is expensive! They sharpened and molded them to their feet, and have worked out great. I saved over $100.


Dr. Matt Erickson

Seriously get top quality sporting goods that are gently used and like new. You cant go wrong and you cant beat the prices. You will be amazed at the wide variety of things you can get.


Rainer Harteneck

I SOLD MY Used Sports Gear THE Sports equipment was laying around in my garage not being used? 2nd Time Sports! Visit us find the best prices and I could trade it in for soccer stuff.


R Hemo

Surprisingly wide selection, great prices. Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating folks! Will definitely be back. Better than the big box stores, for sure.


Sean Stewart

Great selection of sports goods. I had some hockey equipment repaired here at a great price to fix it with high quality results making it look brand new.


Mike S

Purchased Inline skates for my son for Christmas from Dave . He loves them. Thanks Dave.


Michael Ihnken

"used" prices were as much as new prices. Ridiculous, wont shop there again.

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