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Essential 50 Visitors Cover

TYPE Hospital and Extras



Per week

Hospital Services: Medium check_circle
Medical dollar benefits (MBS fee): High check_circle
Pharmacy benefits: Low ($300 yearly limit) check_circle

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Included extras

50% of fees included1

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  • check_circle General Dental
    $300 yearly limit
  • check_circle Optical
    $150 yearly limit
  • check_circle Physiotherapy
  • check_circle Chiropractic
    $200 combined limit
  • check_circle Natural therapies
    Sub limits apply to Essential Plus

Mid 60 Visitors Cover

TYPE Hospital and Extras



Per week

Hospital Services: Medium check_circle
Medical dollar benefits (MBS fee): High check_circle
Pharmacy benefits: Low ($300 yearly limit) check_circle

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Included extras

60% of fees included1

  • check_circle General Dental
    $800 yearly limit
  • check_circle Optical
    $180 yearly limit
  • check_circle Physiotherapy
    $350 yearly limit
  • check_circle Chiropractic
    $350 combined limit
  • check_circle Natural therapies
    $400 combined with other services

Essential Lite Visitors Cover

TYPE Hospital Only



Per week

Hospital Services: Medium check_circle
Medical dollar benefits (MBS fee): High check_circle
Pharmacy benefits: Low ($300 yearly limit) check_circle

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No extras included

But may be added for an additional cost

Essential Visitors Cover

TYPE Hospital Only



Per week

Hospital Services: Medium check_circle
Medical dollar benefits (MBS fee): High check_circle
Pharmacy benefits: Low ($300 yearly limit) check_circle

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No extras included

But may be added for an additional cost

Reciprocal Health Cover - Basic

These covers don't include Reciprocal Health Cover - Basic, which can be purchased to help eliminate the Medicare Levy Surcharge. For more information visit bupa.com.au/rhc.

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Waiting Period

Don’t forget you may have a waiting period of up to 12 months. For more information click here.

All cover options include

Overseas Visitors Cover (2)

100% Australian Government visa compliant

Overseas Visitors Cover (3)

Get your health insurance visa letter instantly

Overseas Visitors Cover (4)

100% Emergency ambulance cover by our recognised providers

Overseas Visitors Cover (5)

Access to public and private hospitals

Overseas Visitors Cover (6)

Access to private doctors and specialists

Overseas Visitors Cover (7)

Repatriation cover

4 things to do after finishing your studies in Australia

Overseas Visitors Cover (8)

If you’re an international student reaching the end of your studies, you’re in the exciting position of considering where to go from here. The possibilities are endless. But to help simplify things we explore four main options available to you and look at the pros and cons of each, outlining your visa and health insurance needs along the way.

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All covers include:


  • A confirmation letter via email, as required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), for your working visa application, sent instantly.
  • \n
  • Access to our extensive network of providers
  • \n
  • Access to Australian and overseas 24 hour health advice line at no additional cost
  • \n
  • Access to online health support guides and tools
  • \n

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An exclusive range of health discounts, tools and information including:


  • gym discounts
  • \n
  • discounted movie vouchers
  • \n
  • discounted theme park entry
  • \n


Frequently asked questions


Is $100 000 medical insurance enough? ›

Yes. The cost of healthcare is very high in the U.S., and people consistently exceed a $50,000 policy maximum for anything serious that requires a few days stay in the hospital. $100,000 is a more comfortable amount considering the high cost of healthcare.

Is 50000 medical coverage enough? ›

A $50,000 policy maximum may be more than enough for travel through most of Asia, but that amount may not be enough should you need urgent care for emergencies that may involve surgery or other treatments in the United States.

What is the recommended amount for travel insurance? ›

Travel insurance can vary a lot depending on how much coverage you're getting and how expensive your trip is. CoverTrip advises its customers that travel insurance plans cost between 4 to 10% of the total trip cost.

Can you get health insurance if you are visiting the US? ›

Foreign visitors to the U.S. can buy travel medical insurance, or visitors medical insurance, from U.S. companies. This short-term travel health insurance is important for foreign visitors because the U.S. has some of the highest health care costs in the world.

How much medical coverage should I get for international travel? ›

How much emergency medical travel insurance do travelers need? For those traveling internationally, Squaremouth recommends a minimum of $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and at least $100,000 in Medical Evacuation.

What happens if a tourist gets sick in USA? ›

Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for a list of local healthcare providers and medical facilities. If your illness is serious, consular officers can help you find medical assistance, and, if you desire, inform your family and/or friends.

Does travel insurance cover 100%? ›

It doesn't offer full reimbursement. Different policies have varying reimbursement percentages ranging from 50% to 75%. A trip cannot be canceled at the last minute. You will need to cancel usually two days in advance to get reimbursed.

What does travel insurance not cover? ›

According to Allianz Global Assistance, a travel insurance provider, "Trip cancellations and trip interruptions due to known, foreseeable, or expected events, epidemics, or fear of travel are generally not covered."

Which insurance is best for travel insurance? ›

Compare the Best Travel Insurance Companies
CompanyStarting PriceCoverage Limit
Travelex Best Overall$24$25,000
Allianz Travel Insurance Runner-Up, Best Overall$138Starting at $3,000
InsureMyTrip Best Value$25 to $100Varies
World Nomads Most Comprehensive Coverage$100 to $200$2,500 to $10,000
3 more rows

Is visitor health insurance worth it? ›

If you are traveling to the United States, you must have adequate insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this until it is too late. Medical expenses can quickly add up if you are injured or become ill in the United States. Visitor's insurance is designed to help protect you from these costs.

Can I get health insurance with a tourist visa in USA? ›

Can a tourist get health insurance in USA ? Yes, tourists can and should buy visitor visa medical insurance for USA. Given the high cost of healthcare in the US, it is very risky to travel to the US without the best health insurance for foreigners.

Does health insurance cover you when you travel internationally? ›

Generally, most domestic health insurance policies are not accepted abroad, so there is a benefit to purchasing travel medical insurance as a supplement to your health insurance coverage. The travel medical coverage is only valid while you're traveling.

What happens when you max out health insurance? ›

Simply put, your out-of-pocket maximum is the most that you'll have to pay for covered medical services in a given year. Think of it as an annual cap on your health-care costs. Once you reach that limit, the plan covers all costs for covered medical expenses for the rest of the year.

How much cover is sufficient in health insurance? ›

First, your health cover should be at least 50% of your annual income. And second, the insurance cover should at least cover the cost of a coronary artery bypass graft in a hospital of your choice. Most personal finance experts recommend a minimum health cover of Rs 5 lakh.

What is a normal out-of-pocket for health insurance? ›

How much is a typical deductible? The average health insurance deductible is between $1,902 and $4,786 for plans purchased on the health insurance marketplace. Those who get their health insurance through an employer typically have lower deductibles, and the average deductible is $1,644 for covered workers.

Do I need additional medical insurance when traveling abroad? ›

The U.S. government does not provide insurance for U.S. citizens overseas. We do not pay medical bills or unexpected cost. We highly recommend that you purchase insurance before you travel.

Does Medicare cover me when I travel overseas? ›

If you have Medicare coverage, you won't receive reimbursement for international medical bills. Healthcare services received beyond U.S. borders are not covered.

Does medical cover out of country emergency? ›

Emergency and urgent care is generally covered when traveling outside of the United States. UC HMO plans offer no additional coverage. Keep in mind, you may need to pay up front and submit claims after the fact. Call your health plan's customer service before departing on your trip.

What happens if a tourist needs a hospital in USA? ›

If you are a foreigner and need emergency medical treatment, it's likely that you will be transported to a welfare-based hospital soon after they discover you have no insurance.

Do tourists get free healthcare in USA? ›

The U.S. government does not provide health benefits to citizens or visitors. Any time you get medical care, someone has to pay for it.

Can someone with a tourist visa go to the hospital? ›

Visiting a U.S. physician to receive medical treatment might not seem like a typical activity of a "tourist for pleasure," but if you want to travel to the U.S. for medical reasons the appropriate visa to request is the B-2 visitor. You will need to apply through your local U.S. embassy or consulate.

What will travel insurance pay out for? ›

Your travel insurance should always include the following cover: medical expenses and cover for getting you home if you're injured or fall ill abroad. personal injury and cover for accidents or damage caused by you. cover for lost or damaged items.

Does travel insurance ever pay out? ›

Travel insurance will reimburse you only for the pre-paid and non-refundable money that you lose. “In many cases, the supplier may refund a portion of the original trip cost, so your insurer needs to actually see documentation on what the supplier is, or isn't, going to refund,” he says.

Does travel insurance increase at age 65? ›

As you get older, you'll find the price you pay for insurance increases. The same goes for travel insurance. This is mainly because insurers perceive older travellers as being at a higher risk of making claims.

At what age can you no longer get travel insurance? ›

Different insurers impose different maximum age limits on their policies. While some providers set the limit as low as 65-years old, others will cover senior citizens aged 100 years or even older.

What are three types of travel insurance? ›

Basically, three types of travel insurance coverage exist: medical insurance, cancellation/interruption insurance, and luggage insurance.

What are three benefits travel insurance? ›

No matter where you're travelling, your travel health insurance policy should always cover the following 3 things:
  • Medical evacuation. ...
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. ...
  • Repatriation in case of death. ...
  • Understand potential exclusions. ...
  • If you need to make a claim.
Jun 30, 2022

Which travel insurance is best for USA? ›

  • IMG Global.
  • Trawick International®
  • WorldTrips.
  • USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services.
  • Petersen International Underwriters.
  • Global Underwriters.
  • GeoBlue.
  • Travelex Insurance.

Is visitor insurance same as travel insurance? ›

In visitor insurance plans, travelers may not get the benefit of trip cancellation, trip delay, loss of passport, and baggage loss. Whereas travel insurance plans typically include all four. Travelers can cancel their trips if it's within the policy's covered reason.

Does visitor insurance cover pre existing conditions? ›

No, typically visitors health insurance plans do not cover preexisting conditions. However, there are certain health insurance plans that covers pre existing conditions. It is adviced to go through the brochure and choose the plan that serves your needs.

Can I get Medicare on a tourist visa? ›

You can enrol in Medicare if you have a valid temporary visa covered by one of these Ministerial Orders: Fulbright scholars. Witness Protection (Trafficking) Temporary visa (subclass 787)

What happens if you can't afford health insurance in America? ›

If you don't have health insurance, you're at much greater risk of accumulating medical bills that you may not be able to pay. In a worst-case scenario, you could be sued and have your wages garnished. You might even be forced into bankruptcy.

Can you be denied health insurance in America? ›

So while the days of getting turned down because of medical history are long gone, it's still possible to be turned down for health insurance, based on when you apply.

What happens if you have a medical emergency abroad? ›

The nearest US embassy or consulate can help travelers locate medical services and notify your friends, family, or employer of an emergency. They are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, overseas and in Washington, DC (888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444).

What countries accept US Medicare? ›

You can only use Medicare in the USA and its territories. This includes the 50 US States as well as its territories: Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

How much medical insurance is enough? ›

First, your health cover should be at least 50% of your annual income. And second, the insurance cover should at least cover the cost of a coronary artery bypass graft in a hospital of your choice. Most personal finance experts recommend a minimum health cover of Rs 5 lakh.

Does Medicare cover 100% of hospital costs? ›

Medicare doesn't typically cover 100% of your medical costs. Like most health insurance, Medicare generally comes with out-of-pocket costs including copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. As you'll learn in this article, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) costs can really add up.

What does average American pay for health insurance? ›

The average annual premiums in 2022 are $7,911 for single coverage and $22,463 for family coverage. These amounts are similar to the premiums in 2021 ($7,739 for single coverage and $22,221 for family coverage).

What is the average out-of-pocket max for health insurance? ›

How much is an average out-of-pocket maximum? The average medical out-of-pocket maximum for an ACA marketplace plan is $8,044 for single coverage, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of marketplace data. The ACA requires that nearly all health plans have an out-of-pocket maximum of no more than $9,100.

How much of your monthly income should go to health insurance? ›

In 2023, a job-based health plan is considered "affordable" if your share of the monthly premium in the lowest-cost plan offered by the employer is less than 9.12% of your household income. The lowest-cost plan must also meet the minimum value standard.

Is it really necessary to have health insurance? ›

Having health insurance is required by law.

Getting covered isn't just good for your health — in California, it's the law.

Do I really need insurance? ›

Without health insurance, you may have to pay the full cost of any medical care you receive, including preventive care. Health insurance is important for other reasons, as well: if you do get sick or suddenly need emergency care, health insurance plans help cover some of those costs.

What is the 3 day rule for Medicare? ›

To qualify for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) extended care services coverage, Medicare patients must meet the 3-day rule before SNF admission. The 3-day rule requires the patient have a medically necessary 3-consecutive-day inpatient hospital stay.

What will Medicare not pay for? ›

Medicare and most health insurance plans don't pay for long-term care. Non-skilled personal care, like help with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, getting in or out of a bed or chair, moving around, and using the bathroom.

How many days can you stay in hospital with Medicare? ›

Original Medicare covers up to 90 days of inpatient hospital care each benefit period. You also have an additional 60 days of coverage, called lifetime reserve days. These 60 days can be used only once, and you will pay a coinsurance for each one ($800 per day in 2023).


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