Oh yes! From suction toys to bullets, we’ve found the best vibrators to buy (2023)

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When it comes to finding a good vibrator, it can be really hard to know where to start. The temptation is to gravitate towards the penetrative versions, but there is a lot to be said for starting small.

Clitoral vibrators, also known as stimulators, are a great place to get to grips with your pleasure without resorting to some of the (ahem) larger items on the market. They are usually lower in price – a good stimulator can cost as little as £30 and still get the job done – which means you can afford to sample a few options to get to understand what you like.

Aside from price, size and colour, there are a few other things to consider when selecting the one that’s just right for you. The firmness, material or ease of use can also interfere with our pleasure and can lead to frustration.

A lot of the older vibes available also tend to be simplistic in that they click on, click off and are made from hard plastic. This is great for those who need a no-muss, no-fuss option but what about those who need a softer touch?

Thankfully, tere is a real trend toward clitorial suction toys which sound more terrifying than they are. These innovative products create sonic waves which can be a blessing for anyone who is super sensitive or possibly struggles with vulva pain. However, these can be a little bit on the lighter side for some. It all comes down to personal preference. But it is great to see the toy industry accepting that one size, and one texture doesn’t suit all.

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How we tested

Variety is the spice of life and that is certainly true of vibrators. Why settle for one when there are so many different options available? With that in mind, we tested a range of vibrators: from bullet shapes to extravagant gifting options that come with chocolate. There are many different price points considered in this review starting with the cheapest option at £27 before moving up to the more expensive treats at £170.

We also included a wide variety of different textures including hard plastic bullets or softer silicone options. Some of the vibrators may work for those who have dexterity, reach or pain-related issues so we have made a point of marking which ones may work in those cases.

The toys were tested by one non-binary person who has a vulva and clitoris. The reviewer is also a lesbian so this was reflected in the toys selected in that there were no toys aimed at penis-owners or those that resembled male genitals. The reviewer is also neurodiverse which means that they prefer a firmer toy that can get a reaction quickly in comparison to a slow build-up.

Each toy was tested a few times at different speeds or settings usually in bed. Those that were waterproof were tested in a shower and lubricant was used with one insertion toy. The toys can be used with partners of any gender.

The toys that made the final cut were all extremely powerful pieces of kit which is reflected in the high scores. There was nothing that scored below a seven, even when we were trying to be more critical. The higher scores were all extremely well earned – repeatedly.

The best clit vibrators for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – The Knude Society the Gwen: £47, Theknudesociety.com
  • Best for literally everything – Dame Product the com: £125, Currentbody.com
  • Best for direct clitoral stimulation – Self & More zumio x spiro tip clitoral massager: £99, Selfandmore.co.uk
  • Best environmentally friendly option – Love, Not War the heads collection: From £34.99, L-n-w.com
  • Best for silent but deadly sessions – Ann Summers the whisper clitoral stimulator: £48, Asummers.com
  • Best for a self care treat – Don’t Buy Her Flowers the break-up package:£27, Dontbuyherflowers.com
  • Best for beginners – California Exotic mini green clitoral stimulator: £41.99, Dimepiecela.com
  • Best for versatility – Hot Octopuss amo: £49.95, Hotoctopuss.com
  • Best for oral sex vibes – Thanks for Cumming Wally: £70, Thanksforcoming.co.uk
  • Best for Luxurious vibes – Womanizer the premium 2: £169, Womanizer.com
  • Best for powerful suction – SmileMakers the poet: £119.95, Smilemakerscollection.com
  • Best for double the good vibes – Lelo the enigma: £119, Sinful.co.uk

The Knude Society the Gwen

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

This was an firm favourite among the vibrators that we tested. It’s easy to use, almost pebble-shaped clitoral stimulator that has a surprising amount of power for something so little. It’s one of two options on offer from British sex toy company, The Knude Society, which gets an extra point for the wonderful name.

While it’s tempting to pick up the larger option of the two vibrators the brand sells, the Gwen is a really great option, especially for anyone looking for a first time purchase. The flat almost pebble-like design means it can be gripped easily and can rest comfortably against the body. The design is refreshingly light and non-terrifying in comparison to some of the larger options on the market. It also has ten speeds and patterns for you to choose from. It’s waterproof and rechargeable too so can be taken “on location” to a nice bath or shower, and it’s the perfect vibe for building slow yet steady orgasms in an impressively short space of time.

When it comes to couple-play, the toy’s flat surface means it can be slipped between two bodies for extra fun. The vibration can be used against the nipples too. Another option is that the flatness could also allow it to be added to strap ons if they have a small pouch for an additional vibe without too much bulkiness. And it also comes with an adorable little bag that feels a bit like the material on an anorak, plus all the packaging is recyclable too which is a win.


Dame Product the com

Best: For literally everything

Rating: 9.5/10

The com is an amazing product that started as a bit of a slow burner before becoming the “go-to product” in a now overflowing bedside cabinet drawer.

The design is unusual but one that is starting to appear on the market more. At first glance, it appears to be an internal toy because of the length but it’s a clitoral vibrator. The long wand is a god-send for anyone who struggles with reach but it is also great for varying the pressure you use on the body. It can be easily gripped by anyone of all sizes or abilities while sitting comfortably against the body.

It’s also one of the quietest vibrators in this review but despite its silent purr, it is a very strong product that doesn’t compromise on power. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a firmer pressure or one they can have a bit more control over. The material, medical-grade silicone, is silky to the touch and completely body-safe to use.

It features five patterns and intensities so there is a lot to work with if you feel like mixing it up. We quickly discovered that the stronger “intensities” are where the real power of the vibrator lies. The com has one of the most powerful motors of any Dame Product – and it shows. That said, it might be a little too intense for someone who prefers a lighter touch but that’s not a huge issue as there are more sensitive settings. It’s very hard to fault this toy because it has been designed to cater to many different types of needs.

Self & More zumio x spiro tip clitoral massager

Best: For direct clitoral stimulation

Rating: 9/10

The zumio x spirotip is an incredible piece of kit. It’s a very powerful direct clitoral stimulator that is extremely good at getting the job done. The idea behind it is precise fingering and it is the only toy we reviewed to use a rotating motion instead of vibration.

When it says the smaller head of the toy and the rotation allows for precise or intense stimulation, it’s not joking. It comes with eight speeds, and rapid rotation that you can use light or press harder depending on what stimulation you need. The precision and also the power of the toy make it easy to see why the zumio has won design awards. The harder material of the spirotip makes it a great toy for those who are more focused on direct clitoral stimulation and prefer a firmer toy. It can be easily adopted by couples or used on its own.

The vibe is not loud but it is not quiet either as it has a distinct whirring sound that can only mean one thing. It’s not distractingly loud but your housemates will know what’s up so it will mean turning on the TV for a little bit. If noise isn’t an issue then this is one powerful product that could be a game-changer in terms of the shape and vibrations on the market.

Love, Not War the heads collection

Best: Environmentally friendly option

Rating: 9/10

It might be a bit of a cliche that the lesbian tester was drawn to the toy kit that resembled, at least in her mind, a screwdriver set, but oh well. The heads collection is a clever kit with a focus on sustainability. You’ll first need to purchase one of the complete vibrators (from £69.99, L-n-w.com) and then from there you can expand your collection of heads.This means you can mix it up at a later date without having to purchase an entirely different toy. It keeps the plastic use, the cost and the consumption levels down. Not only that but you have one cable which fits the one product and away you go.

If the texture is a problem for you then the heads collection offers a very clever way of changing the toy. Sometimes, neurodiverse people can struggle with different textures so you can change it very easily and have fun selecting which head you choose. Another nice touch was that each head from Love Not War is named using the word for love in a different language – including Irish. It was lovely to see grá being selected alongside German and Japanese.

Impressively, the toys are made from body-safe recycled and recyclable materials. All five of the vibe heads themselves are impressively strong but the standout piece is the KOI. It’s hard to argue with a smooth texture, firm pressure and seven different speeds.


Ann Summers the whisper clitoral stimulator

Best: For silent but deadly sessions

Rating: 8/10

Ann Summers caters to every possible vibrator need. While the whisper may look a bit strangely shaped, in that it isn’t a classic bullet, think of it almost like an upgrade or version 2.0.The two rounded sides make the grip easier, which can be a struggle with bullets or round products, and also helps to deliver powerful stimulation. At under 35db it’s incredibly quiet too, which means it could be silently incorporated into any house share.

It’s an incredibly powerful yet small piece of kit that is perfect for anyone who likes direct clitoral stimulation and there are eleven different “patterns” for you to choose from. The body-safe silicone feels incredibly soft against the skin offering firm pressure. The whisper collection does also offer an insertion option that is shaped closer to the brands’ popular rabbit range, but it’s nice to see Ann Summers moving into different shapes such as this.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a silent vibrator or a first purchase as it’s simple to use, easy to operate and doesn’t have the faff of a paired app either. The small bag was a nice touch in that it could be easily hidden or placed in a drawer after use. It also offers the chance to charge it discreetly too.

Don’t Buy Her Flowers the break up package

Best: For a self-care treat

Rating: 8/10

The team at Don’t Buy Her Flowers has put together a beautifully curated box designed to cheer anyone up. It contains milk chocolate buttons, a self-help journal, a face mask, bath salts and a little bullet vibrator from Love Honey. While it can be ordered on its own, the box helps to set the mood. Pop the bath salts in the water, throw on the face mask and grab the waterproof vibrator. It has very strong vibrations for such a small toy so don’t let the size fool you. It’s not playing around.

It’s single speed so it doesn’t have a lot of different settings to mess around with. However the power of the speed it has more than makes up for it. It’s a firmer plastic and silicone so it’s great for anyone that dislikes soft toys. The only real downside is the noise which is to be expected with such a simple toy.

This would make a fantastic gift for anyone in need of a pick me up or even as a treat for yourself. While it is tempting to get the toy on its own, the additional items make it extra fun. It’s worth noting that this is battery operated so you will need to pick up a packet of triple-A batteries before you head home. This simple design also makes it an ideal first vibrator or one for anyone who isn’t interested in tech.

California Exotic mini green clitoral stimulator

Best: For beginners

Rating: 8/10

This cute product may be mini but it packs a punch, so don’t let the size fool you. It’s small enough to be discreetly popped into a handbag or pocket without taking up a lot of space which makes it a great travel companion. The contoured edges are great for really getting a grip on the product so it doesn’t slip out of the hand as bullets can.

It has ten different intense vibrations which make this a good choice for someone who needs a firm texture and a strong vibe. The brand isn’t messing around when it says “intense” vibrations either, as it’s impressively mighty for something so mini. It’s easily controlled by one button which makes it great for anyone who might struggle with more tech options that require apps. It simply presses on and away you go.

The flattened shape also suggests that this could be worn inside underwear discreetly or even added to the inside pocket of a strap on for extra fun. The curve of the toy means it can sit comfortably on a vulva although there is nothing to keep it in place other than a hand so walking around might be tricky, then that’s another excuse for a lie in right?

The price point makes this a very affordable first leap into the vibrator space for anyone feeling a bit nervous about investing in a beginner toy. It’s also not too scary looking either so it could be the perfect place to start as not all toys need to be massive to be mighty.

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Hot Octopuss amo

Best: For versatility

Rating: 7.5/10

Hot Octopuss offers some of the most impressive sex-tech available and the amo is a classic bullet with a twist. As the company puts it, this has a strategically placed curve which can help with really direct clitoral stimulation, while the rounder side can also be used for softer sensations.

It’s a simple one to use, as most bullets are, in that you hold the sides to switch it on, switch through the speeds and then hold down to turn it off. Although, the one we tested didn’t seem to want to switch off at first, which wasn’t exactly a shame. There is a good range of speeds here including softer options to start with and some that are more on the intense side so it’s likely to suit quite a few different people.

If grip is an issue, there is another version of the amo, called the digit (£XX, Hotoctopuss.com), that has finger holes in it so it can be worn on the hand. This is great for anyone worried about holding onto a toy, and although the shape differs slightly this isn’t a bad thing.

This is a good all-rounder that is likely to suit newcomers (pun intended) and seasoned professionals alike. In terms of couple play, it might be a bit too chunky to fit between two people but it could be done and could also be added to a strap on for extra fun. It’s a very versatile and fun addition to any bedside cabinet drawer.

Thanks for Cumming Wally

Best: For oral sex vibes

Rating: 7/10

Wally is a hot pink clitoral vacuum stimulator that is designed to mimic oral sex rather than behave like a bullet vibrator. This is a great option for anyone looking for something a little bit softer, struggling with vulva pain or looking to try something new.

The clitorial vacuums or suckers, whichever you want to call them, are the latest thing in vibrator trends. Wally stimulates the whole clitoris leading to enhanced pleasure rather than bullet vibrators that are used lightly on top. It’s waterproof too so there is no end to the locations you could try it out in. It’s also a great place to start if you are looking for a vibrator that isn’t too scary or one that looks like male genitals. If dexterity is an issue for you then this may not be as easy as some of the more rounded options or the longer wand options like the com (£125, Currentbody.com).

That said, it has eight different settings so there is something in there to suit everyone. It can be adjusted to your needs. The powered suction cup creates airflow and pressure around the clitoris, stimulating blood flow to the area. You need to spend the labia apart before popping the toy over the clitoris to enclose it. It takes a moment or two to adjust if this is your first suction toy in comparison to other vibrators. Once you get used to the sensations and also the placement, then it doesn’t take long to get the job done.

One of the major selling points of this vibrator is how fast it charges. If you are “in for the night” then this can charge incredibly quickly meaning no one is left without a toy or on standby near a plug. It’s an innovative design and concept which could be perfect for anyone looking for something a bit different.

Womanizer the premium 2

Best: For luxurious vibes

Rating: 7/10

Opening the box for the Womanizer automatically feels luxurious thanks to the very considered design. The vibe has an ultra-discreet silent mode that goes quiet when it’s not pressed against the skin. Even when it is held there, the noise levels are incredibly quiet making it perfect for shared homes or anyone who struggles with noisy toys.

It features eight different levels of intense waves which can be used without making direct contact. This makes it a great choice for anyone who might need something a bit more sensitive, who struggles with vulva pain or needs a softer touch. The Womanizer comes with a changeable head as well so you can try different sizes. It’s nice and easy to switch from one to another which is important as no one has time for messing when things are getting heated. The Womanizer also feels like it has been designed to be held as it fits the contours of the hand perfectly making it easy to grip and less slippery.

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A lot of vibrators are moving toward the two-point connection charger which can be a bit fiddly, especially if you struggle with your hands in terms of dexterity. In charging this toy, we had to stop, drop and slide it back onto the charging points several times. It’s far too easy to use one of these chargers on any toy and return to find it has disconnected and the battery is flat.

That said, this is a powerful piece of kit that would be a great option for someone looking to move into clitoral suction toys or anyone looking for that next great toy. It can easily be incorporated into couple play too.

SmileMakers the poet

Best: For powerful suction

Rating: 7/10

The poet will be a great vibrator for anyone who likes the clitorial suckers/vacuums but wishes they could be a bit stronger. This is one of the more powerful suction toys available and it comes with three soft detachable heads that are different sizes. It’s nice to see a vibrator acknowledge straight off the bat that not all bodies are the same size and one size doesn’t fit all. The tops screw on and off easily which means less fiddling in the heat of the moment. It also comes with a little bag so you can keep all the attachments together.

The vibe works by using air pulsation to recreate the feeling of oral sex on the clitoris. However, it’s worth noting that with great power, comes great responsibility. In this case, that responsibility means turning some music on to cover the noise so your flatmates don’t clock what’s happening. The poet may be a little loud but if you aren’t concerned about that then it’s a worthy investment for a good time.

Interestingly, the shape makes it almost sculptural as it’s a soft, round item with a pinched top. This makes it perfect for anyone searching for a sex toy that doesn’t resemble a penis. The rounded shape also has squeeze sensors on the side which intensifies the suction. This is a great toy for anyone who has experienced the clitorial suckers and found they need something a bit stronger or for anyone looking to try something a bit different.

Lelo the enigma

Best: For double the good vibes

Rating: 7/10

This is a very space-age looking vibrator that took some getting used to. There are multiple different ways this very bendy sci-fi-sort of thing can be used. It’s a difficult one to describe but it is a double-ended vibrator that offers a clitorial sucker on one end and a vibrator on the other. The brand describes it as an “otherworldly thrill” which the design very much leans into.

It can be used with both in play at once, just a clitoral vibrator or the sucker on its own. So this is a good choice for anyone who needs a bit of variety in their daily routine or someone who prefers penetration and clitorial play at the same time. It was a little bit complicated to use both at the same time so this is one for someone who has had a vibe or two in their time and wants to take it up a notch. The powerful motor and eight speeds are not for the faint of heart either. It may also be tricky to use if there are dexterity or flexibility issues as it can take a bit of a manoeuvre into place but once it’s there, it’s worth the wait.

We did use a small bit of CBD lubricant with this one because, well, it’s just more fun that way. The clitoral sucker uses sonic waves for stimulation and it can, once you get the hang of it, be used hands-free too. The hands-free option makes it a great choice for couple play so you can focus elsewhere if you need to.

If you needed any other reason to invest in the enigma, it was pointed out upon arrival into the house that the vibe features the bisexual colours (pink, blue and purple) so is truly a queer choice. The enigma is an investment but one that comes with a reassuring warranty in case anything should go wrong.

The verdict: Clit vibrators

This was a truly difficult review to choose a winner from, as all of the toys were exceptionally good. Towards the end of the review, it became apparent that not one of them had underperformed or scored lower than a well-deserved seven. However, that said, there must be a winner and it was a close one between the com by Dame Products and Gwen by the Knude Society.

Gwen won by half a point because it could be added easily to a strap-on which gave it an extra use. It is just a great all-around vibrator despite being one of the smallest reviewed. The com was a close second that has gone on to be a personal favourite.

Honourable mentions must be made for the wonderful zumio which was an intense product perfect for direct clitoral stimulation. Another shout out to the heads collection by Love, not War who managed to make a perfect product for this neurodiverse reviewer in terms of choice and also the sustainable angle.

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