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Posted by Mady Polsky (9 years ago)

Goggles4u Eyeglasses Review + Feedback & Discussion (4 Posts) (2)


I was shopping on line for a company that could fill my difficult prescription and I came across Goggles4U. The on line order form did not have the numbers required to fill the order so I called their 888 #. The person that answered (in very poor English)and said he could take my order over the phone. Great! so I thought. I repeated everything 3 times, he repeated everything back 3 times. The only thing he got correct was my credit card information. So, I waited 2 weeks, as I was promised, no glasses, hm? I emailed someone and they told me that my glasses had been sent to the wrong address. I was told that they would dispatch promptly with the correct address. Before I go any further, the idiot guy put my email address in wrong so I could never access my account information.So, 3 weeks later, I get the glasses, put them on and saw double. I then sent back the glasses with a note and my original prescription, I sent it to the return address, big mistake. The address is there "warehouse" and the glasses ended it up somewhere in a black hole. Then I was emailed with a message that the frames that I picked out were no longer in stock and I had to pick out another frame. So, I did that and was finally asked to scan and email to them my original prescription, which the idiot said I could not do, in the first place. So, I did that and I waited the 2 weeks, inquired again on the status of my order and was told that they sent it to the WRONG ADDRESS, AGAIN! Well, I started this trek 2 months ago and finally got my glasses today, How could they get it wrong, again, but they manage to and I am done. WARNING, do not enter into the abyss.

Bought: Bi-focal glasses

Order Date: 2014-02-28

Date Received: 2014-04-03


  • none
  • Cons:

  • everything

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    Goggles4u Eyeglasses Review + Feedback & Discussion (4 Posts) (3)(888) 830-7857
    Goggles4u Eyeglasses Review + Feedback & Discussion (4 Posts) (4)[emailprotected]

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    Goggles4u Eyeglasses Review + Feedback & Discussion (4 Posts) (5)159900

    Posted by Virgina Watford (3 years ago)

    They could care less

    I ordered over 20 pairs of eyeglasses which I never received my entire order. I have tried extensively to actually speak to someone from the company that can help me. I've called the phone numbers and I'm always told that they can understand me or they can't hear my phone or some crazy excuse that I've never heard of in my life no one else has had any problems. this being sad I try the next step and I actually do the online chat and after explaining my entire situation the guy then text me back that he can't help me because their system is down I'm not sure why he bothered having me go through all the motions and had me wait for 15 minutes to come back to tell me that but that was the case. He tells me to email this person named Steve who can help me I would definitely get back with me which I emailed Steven told him how frustrated I was getting because I couldn't get in touch with anyone a real human being that can help me give him my phone number and ask him to please call me as soon as possible so we can resolve this that was over a week ago I haven't heard a thing from Steve. Not only did I not receive my entire order but many of the glasses that I received had crooked arms extremely and) or dirty lenses. many of the glasses did not even feel like they were my actual prescription in comparison. Two of the pair of sunglasses that I ordered was the wrong shade and tint. And like I said I didn't receive all of my order to top it all off and still haven't and it doesn't look like I ever will. It's obvious they don't care about my business after ordering over 20 care glasses you would think but they might care about me as a customer not that it matters either if I would have one. That's not the point I'm just saying I spent a great deal of my personal time going through their glasses ordering my flames putting in exactly what I wanted and I can't even get anyone from their company to call me back I'll be taking my business elsewhere and I will be contacting the better business bureau about the glasses that I didn't receive because obviously they're not going to help me.

    Order Date: 2019-05-30

    Date Received: 2019-06-14


  • Cheap
  • Cons:

  • Poor service
    Incomplete order
    Poor handling and quality of frames
    Unable to get anyone to return my emails or calls

  • Customer Contacted Goggles4u Eyeglasses Via:
    Goggles4u Eyeglasses Review + Feedback & Discussion (4 Posts) (6)(888) 830-7857

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    Posted by HFC-LA (1 decade ago)

    I ordered one pair of regular glasses and one pair of sunglasses from Goggles4U.

    PROS: Website is much better and easier to use than ZenniOptical. Website has good search functions and has 360-degree images of the glasses. Offers a better selection of glasses than Zenni. Lots of low-priced options, but also has some more expensive designer options. Customer service was very accommodating, though the bad phone connections made it hard to hear them.

    CONS: The regular pair of eye glasses turned out fine, BUT the sunglasses are unusable. There is something wrong with the sunglass lenses that makes it very hard to see without really straining my eyes. I noticed that the sunglass lenses are completely flat in the front... I have never seen lenses like that; maybe this is the problem. Also, like other online eyeglass service, it takes about 2 weeks for the shipment to arrive. Not for people who need glasses immediately. Also, the selection of inexpensive frame styles is okay, but not great.

    BOTTOM LINE: I would use Goggles4U again to purchase regular eyeglasses, but NOT FOR SUN GLASSES. This website is good for people who would like to buy an inexpensive pair of back-up glasses for every day use.

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    Posted by cheryl (1 decade ago)

    i have been trying to use this coupon and it will not work.

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