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If you want to mount a mirror to the wall permanently or affix a carpet on the floor temporarily for a three-day exhibit. If you want tohang up a picture without using nails because you want to remove it later without residue – and also because your landlord doesn’t like holes in the wall. If you are a newspaper printer and want tooptimize you splicing processes. Or if you are designing new facade elements that need to stay in place, even duringa fierce storm.Then double-sided adhesive tapes are your perfect choice.

Double-sided tapes are used for many different industrial applications and also by craftspeople and consumers. They are perfect for bonding two parts permanently and irreversible; for attaching them firmly while still being able to reposition them; or simply for affixing things for a limited period of time. Depending on the componentsused withina tape, the tape offers specific characteristics that make it suitable for specific applications.The kind ofadhesives, backings, primers, etc. making up the adhesive tape define its characteristics and can be adjusted perfectly to the demands of an application.

The Structure of Double-Sides Tapes

Adhesive tapes consist of various functional layers. The adhesive layer can be applied to either one or both sides of the backing (to create single- or double-sided tape). The typical structure of double-sided adhesive tapes is outlined in the following diagram. Our double-sided tapes consist of three main components:

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The backing is relevant for some of the main features of a double-sided tape. For rough surfaces, thicker foam tapes come into play. Thinner filmic tapes can be used for transparent bonding requirements and high performancetapes are able to dissipate stress thanks to their viscoelastic behavior.

The liner covers the adhesive system and is an important element for the application and removal process. At tesa we have paper and filmic release liners with a variety of different features.

Adhesive System
The proper choice of the adhesive depends on how the double-sided tape is to be used: the kind of surfaces and materialswhich are to be bonded, how long the bond is supposed to last, and whether it is an indoor or an outdoor application.

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Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes for Consumers

Double-sided tapes can be easily applied to the backside of objects and are thus invisible. Especially when affixing decorative items or when putting up posters, they are very convenient. By now, the load-bearing performance has become high enough that adhesive solutions are a smart alternative to drilling. Instead of damaging the wall and causing dirt, you can just use a double-sided adhesive tape to securely mount your objects.

Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes – the First Choice for Decoration Projects

Double-sided adhesive tapes are an ingenious invention and a blessing for all who like to do handicrafts and decorate their home. In the past, the adhesive strips were always visible which sometimes led to visual flaws. Today, you can easily hide the adhesive tape without having to give up on the usual adhesive strength. Since the double-sided tape is basically invisible, all the attention will be drawn to the object.

Many Fields of Application and Easy Handling

Our double-sided adhesive tapes are not just suited for creative projects but also for everyday tasks, such as putting up posters and postcards or pasting notes. In our wide range, you will also find specialized products, among them a mirror adhesive tape and particularly powerful adhesive tapes to affix carpets, house numbers, or newspaper tubes. The double-sided adhesive tapes can be used easily and – unlike other mounting methods – do not cause any damage to the surface.

Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes for Industrial Applications

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In many industries double-sided tapes are an important bonding solution.They are used in cars or electronic devices to hold parts in place for the entire life of a product. Microphones, loudspeakers, screens, and camerasare affixed with adhesive tapes in mobile phones, for example.Two-sided tapes are also used within household appliances like ovens, refrigerators,and air conditionings as well asbuilding and construction components such as facade elements, windows and doors, glass partition walls, elevators, furniture, etc. Within these application fields double-sided tapes fulfill many tasks. The adhesive tapes not only offer high, long-lastingbonding power. Depending on the tape’s specific characteristics, they also dissipate stress due to their viscoelastic behavior, prevent oxidation, and are resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, humidity, aging, and chemicals.

There are also special double-sided tapes that optimize processes for the printing and paper industry. In newspaper printing and paper production two-sided splicing tapes shorten the set-up times for the roll change and increase the process reliability for the flying splice. In label and packaging printing, double-sided film and foam tapes increase the qualityof print imagesand ensure efficient plate mounting. The special adhesive tapes hold the printing plates firmly on the printing cylinder and also allow repositioning of the plate.

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Comparedto other bonding technologies like welding, screws, nails, and liquid glue, double-sided adhesive tape provides many advantages. Welding, screws, and nails cause material damages. Such joints are visible and not suitablewhen design is important.The damaged surfaces are also vulnerable to corrosion. Bolts, screws, and other mechanical fasteners also create single-joint stress points, which can result in the failure of the jointand thusmaterial breakage as the entire force is concentrated on the single joint. Also, the number of materials that can be combined by those technologiesis limited. Combining plastics and glass is usually not possible.

Bonding with a double-sided tape does not harm the material and therefore reduces the risk of corrosion. It can beconsidered avirtually invisible fastener and helps to keep surfaces smooth and clean. In fact, a tape also has a sealing function and protects against environmental elements or dust. Double-sided tapes are perfectfor compensating tension. Forces on the joint are distributed over the entire length of the joined surfaces. Our acrylic foam tapes are able to accommodate material expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes.They even allow for different expansion and contraction values of differing substrates that are bonded together, such as plastic to metal. Our double-sided tapes can be used on a wide range of surfaces including metal, glass, paper, stainless steel, polycarbonate, and many more. Compared to liquid glues, adhesive tapesdo not require any curing time or final cleaning. There is also no outgasing of chemicals.

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Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes for Professional Craftsmen

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To achieve optimal results, efficiencyis importantforprofessional craftspeople. Therefore they rely on thetesa fastening range for mounting and floor laying. There are special double-sided mounting tapesto affix decorative trims or mirrors to smooth surfaces, mount cabling conduits on walls, or affix insulation plates.

In addition, tesa’s double-sided permanent floor laying tapes are the simple, quick solution for laying PVC flooring and carpetsin all qualities. The tapes offer optimal fixation for all the usual types of carpet backing, whether the covering is textile, foam, felt, fleece, or PVC.

Naturally, there are also removable options:tesa’s double-sided removable floor laying tapes are especially designed for the temporary laying of flooring. They pay offin particular when it comes totemporarily fastening rugs, carpets, felts, and other textile floor coveringsat exhibitions, offices, or other spaces.

Welcome to our platform for professionals!Whether for construction, packaging, or renovation – we offer high-quality adhesive tapes for the many different requirements of professional craftsmen.Read more

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Welcome to our platform for professionals!Whether for construction, packaging, or renovation – we offer high-quality adhesive tapes for the many different requirements of professional craftsmen.Read more
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